Un viaje de la memoria por los caminos de la verdad y la justicia
The Journey of Memory along the Paths of Truth and Justice


New producers and last scenes shot

En los meses de marzo y abril nos abocamos a preproducir y filmar varias escenas muy importantes para la película. Viajamos y filmamos en Villa Constitución y Rosario (Santa Fé), Trelew, Puerto Madryn y Playa Unión (Chubut) y el pasado 15 de abril filmamos lo que será la gran escena final de Piedra Libre. Tuvimos la alegría...

New producers are joining us!

Even having finished the campaign at idea.me, during January more people wanted to become part of Piedra Libre: Lucila Garabatto – Constanza Dotta – Viviana Masciadri – Estela Maglio Colectiva Feminista La Revuelta  www.larevuelta.com.ar/ A warm thank you to them! We are working hard on the production of the film, we will soon publish more news! If you...

The campaign was a success thanks to all of you!

We wish to thank each and every producer, who trusted in us, in the project, in our proposal, who dared to join us, and who now are all part of Piedra Libre! They are: Adrey Calje – Adriana Fanelli – Agustín Di Bella – Agustín Lupo – Aileen Tennant – Alejandro Frigerio – Alida Silvana Daversa...

Close to the end!

Direct link to the campaign: Piedra Libre!

Few days are left, join in!

On Friday, december 30  at 11am (Argentina time) the campaign will be over…  If we do not raise the 100% (or more!) of the amount we need, the money is returned to each producer… But we are positive that we will succeed! We count on you! Join in, indulge yourself and your friends so that we...

We have launched the crowdfunding campaign!

We have launched the crowdfunding campaign through www.idea.me! We have until 30 december to raise the amount we need, to finish shooting the film! Go to Piedra Libre (ENGLISH), check this great project and a fun video made exclusively for this campaign. Indulge yourself and become a producer! No pledge is too small, EVERY PENNY COUNTS!  This story...

The Grandmothers of Plaza de Mayo Support Piedra Libre!

In October 2011 the Grandmothers of Plaza de Mayo lend their formal support to our documentary project in a letter signed by their President, Estela de Carlotto. Piedra Libre is also sponsored by the Mothers of Plaza de Mayo LF and the National Secretariat of Human Rights.  


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